06 September – Early Spring Newsletter

Crisp, spring garden leaves & petals….

Hello everyone, 

What a wonderful Kitchen Gardening Day we had last week! We are at the very peak of the growing season and there was so much to see, and to learn!  And what a fantastic group we had here to enjoy the day.  

So I thought I’d waste no time in reminding you of our next KITCHEN GARDENING DAY: while we’re on the cusp of change….from one season to the next, it’s a timely date in which you can participate, to make sure you have all the tips to hand for planting your own summer Kitchen Garden (think tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine and capsicum, pumpkins, courgettes and beans, beans, beans!): on  FRIDAY 28 SEPTEMBER.  It will be out with the old and in with the new – full of inspiration for those heady summer crops we so look forward to each year.  But there is a GREAT deal to do in preparation.

So we very much hope you can join us on the day!  

There is still space available for my SEASONAL COOKING DAY on FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER, and with a garden spilling over with peas and broad beans, fennel, chard, cumquats & rhubarb, there is no shortage of produce to play with.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information.

Remember – the cooking days have only a handful of people, so we have time to inspect the garden and see where all the veg are at – Linda and I often joke that Kitchen Gardening Days are all about food;  well, Seasonal Cooking Days are all about gardening!

You may recall me mentioning awhile ago, a very special future (but at that stage, under wraps) event for the spring.  Well…….first check the website for a new page entitled LABYRINTH.  And next week watch your inbox for my next newsletter!

Best wishes