Kale and zinnias straddle the seasons….

Hello everyone,

How thrilling it is to have NEW SEASON IN THE KITCHEN GARDEN underway! While there are lots of lovely hangers-on from summer that have sprung (late) into life and full autumn production since the rain, they’re sitting alongside new season structures, newly prepared beds, new sowings, new seedlings…and surrounded by a flush of fresh fennel flowers.

There are burgeoning aubergines who’s delicate mauve flowers dance alongside a row of hot-pink zinnias; main crop tomatoes fill trays in the kitchen, while favourite specimens slowly ripen on their vines. All kinds of self-sown treasures are popping up too, making for a tantalising daily forage and opportunities to transplant. What fun! How much to see, to do….to learn from!

Which is why I’d love you to join me on SATURDAY 21 MARCH when we’ll explore all there is to see and learn, in THE KITCHEN GARDEN.  I’ll run through the basics, explain why we’re planting what now and what to expect in the season ahead. As always, we’ll cover a multitude of topics, from layout, design and the kitchen garden aesthetic right through to seed, soil and everything in between. Expect to be immersed in the world of the kitchen garden! And we’ll eat well too…from the garden of course. 
You can find all details and the booking form on the website here. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me

How I love this time of year…especially this year. After all the drama of the past months on top of the drought years, this seasonal transition feels almost gentle. I feel so grateful we’ve come through relatively unscathed, but I know it isn’t so for everyone. Therefore, if you know someone who would value attending this kitchen gardening day…perhaps beginning from scratch after tragedy, keen to establish (or re-establish) a kitchen garden and could do with a day to replenish, please let me know. I’m happy to offer two places at this event (and may hatch a plan for something more – your responses please?).   

On another note, some longtime participants will remember Alex (from when he completed his horticultural apprenticeship here). You might be interested to know that he and Eliza (who many of you also met at open gardens in years past) are bravely setting up their own market gardening enterprise on the south coast. They’ve spent a couple of years travelling the world, gaining experience and knowledge to cap off their previous learning. I’m full of admiration for them both and the way they’re tackling this project which will not only be their livelihoods, but their way of life.

They’re documenting every step (trials and tribulations) of the process of setting up ‘Borrowed Ground Farm’their philosophy, aim, commitment to and passion for the future of food, regenerative practice and growing seasonal, organic produce (just hit the link to their profile). They’ve also just launched a crowdfunding campaign to help them get underway. I hope you might have a quick squizz at what they’re up to. Personally, I think we need many more Alexes and Elizas in this world – the future of seasonally grown, organic food for us to eat depends on them and others like them. And I hope to have them both here for you to meet some time soon.

With very best wishes


ps If you want to have a good laugh, do have a look at this little clip! Yes, it’s all about making compost (which is a serious business…upon which our very health depends) but the process always makes me giggle! I often wonder if our near neighbours notice the regular performance and chuckle too…’they’re at it again’, I reckon they must mutter! Yes…this is real life at Glenmore House!