18 October 2011

We’ll show how you, too, can grow these great beauties…..

Hello everyone,

What a GLORIOUS DAY!! Scent is wafting on the breeze…. of citrus blossom, malus, and the first philadelphus flowers just for a start – its all simply tantalising…

The only down side is that the globe artichokes are fattening too quickly and I can’t stop them! I need them for this Friday’s Cooking Day, AND, I’m really hoping for another flush for the morning taste test at next week’s KITCHEN GARDENING DAY….

We have a delightful small group, but space for just a few more, if you would like to join us. There is plenty of information to share and its not too late to plant for summer…..even here, I still have a LOT of planting to do for the season ahead. You will glean enough information to plan a new garden, as much as learn how to care for the new season’s crop. We plan a day full of inspiration….

So please send me an email to join the list for FRIDAY 28 OCTOBER. Our new website is almost ready to go, but we might have to take one last lot of bookings my old-fashioned way!

I look forward to hearing from you and hope I can tempt you to join us!

Best wishes