Elderflowers & lemons…….

Hello everyone,

I hope you will be tempted to join me for my last Seasonal Cooking Day of the Year, ‘COOKING THE GLENMORE CHRISTMAS LUNCH’, to be held at GLENMORE on FRIDAY 2 DECEMBER.

Our Christmases here at Glenmore have always been in the style of a mid-English summer’s day, and I thought it would be fun to hold a cooking day along similar lines, to end our year of Kitchen Gardening & Seasonal Cooking on a festive note.

I plan for us to make a little Chilled Soup;  to poach a Whole Salmon in a fish kettle, (first preparing a Court Bouillon);  to make Mayonnaise and a Summer Pudding.  As well as Elderflower Cordial…….

With any luck, there will be baby new potatoes to harvest (I hardly dare mention it, but the potato patch is looking brilliant!!) – perhaps little King Edwards, or Nicola’s?  I hope there will be beans to pick (they’re up, but will they fruit in time?).  And the raspberry canes are simply smothered in flowers, so my fingers are very x’d!!  

To make a booking, simply click here (how thrilling – it’s the first time I can write that!).  At the top of the booking form you will see an overview of the day, and look at the ‘Seasonal Cooking’ pages on the website to see the timings & details for cooking days.

I very, very much hope you can join me.  Numbers will be strictly limited, so be quick!  And don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries.
Very best wishes