You know who…!

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that I’ll be kicking off the first of the two presentations for which I’ve released dates and times in the online CONVERSATIONAL PRESENTATION SERIES this weekend:   




with 3. The Kitchen Garden an Introduction  4. The Kitchen Garden through the Seasons and 5. Seasons, Food, Flowers & Life at Glenmore House to follow.

A slow start that gathers momentum…as is the way with gardens made over time…The Garden Journey will take a raw look at where we began. Then as the journey unfolds, it will lead to Inside / Out…more of an emotive why rather than how. Combined, they will chart the making of a very personal garden over 30 years.

Greatly prompted by peeps at the beginnings of their own garden making…along with those longtime visitors to Glenmore who are familiar with the now rather than the then...who ask so very many questions when here (and that’s oh so many of you!) it’s the story too, of everyone who has ever made a garden. For those who have yet to make one…I hope the presentations may take away some of the ‘daunt factor’, slowing down expectations to real time…indicating how some results can happen in a flurry, while true establishment is a longterm prospect. A garden, as they say, is never done! And over time, they are inclined to embody the journey of their makers too.

As I mentioned last week, the first two presentations will largely be devoid of the Kitchen Garden (except in the laying out of its early bones). You know I consider it to be the ‘beating heart’ of the garden; but its annual, seasonal cycle and content are all too encompassing, which is why I’ll devote two presentations to it alone.

The first two presentations will be very much interlinked and while you can participate in them individually, I will be making reference between them, so for you to glean the most from them, I’d love to encourage you to attend both these first two, if you can. 

I anticipate each presentation will be 2 hours, with time for Q & A and a brief 5 minute break in the middle so we can all stretch our legs! If for whatever reason the ‘live’ timing doesn’t work for you (or if you’re in a different time zone) registration will gain you access to the presentation for one week after delivery to view in your own time. 

The  link to the booking form  is HERE Upon registering you will receive a link to attend the Zoom Session on the day. Be sure  to ‘register’ when you receive that link, and then please keep it safe. I will SO look forward to seeing you pop up on my screen (especially as I’ve little chance of seeing you any other way at the moment!).

So…if you really are interested in the development of a very personal garden over thirty plus years, with a historic aspect, connection to landscape, between vernacular buildings and from inside to out…I think you’ll find something valuable to take away from participating.

How I hope you will JOIN ME for the first tentative steps we took at Glenmore!

Of course, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Very best wishes