21 August – Spring Cooking Newsletter

Winter veg in the late afternoon light….

Hello everyone,Spring is in the air….isn’t it thrilling?  Although I’m still collecting the odd winter rose, the almond tree is in full blossom, Manchurian Pear trees are just beginning to unfurl their petals and one apricot is on the cusp of bursting into flower. Spring is definitely on the way!

Following all the fun of Making Cakes a couple of weeks ago, I invite you to join me for one of my upcoming Seasonal Cooking Days:  COOKING WITH EARLY SPRING PRODUCE on FRIDAY 14 SEPTEMBER and COOKING WITH LATE SPRING PRODUCE on FRIDAY 5 OCTOBER.

Those of you who have joined my cooking days in the past know that although the days are not too serious, we achieve great things!  I take a maximum of 6 participants….and we harvest from the garden, cook up a storm and sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labours rather late in the day.  What we cook will depend on exactly what’s at its very best in the garden – and at this time of the year, that means each of the days will have entirely different recipes for you to take home.  

So gather a friend or two & join me for a fun day in the Garden and the Pantry!  For further details and to make a booking, please click here.  If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Do visit my blog to see and read about our wonderful day with Stefano Manfredi last weekend, and our Cake Making Day the week before.

I do hope you will be tempted to share one of these delightful spring days at Glenmore!

Best wishes as always,