Time to begin winter pruning in the borders…and elsewhere…

Hello everyone

I thought I might tentatively pop a toe in these somewhat icy waters, to see if anyone might like to attend a PRUNING DAY here in the garden? I haven’t run one for a couple of years (last year I couldn’t make the timing work) but this time around, and given the loosening of covid restrictions, perhaps it just may be possible.

The only thing is, I’m keen to get a move on with the actual pruning process (not every plant...I’ve no intention of touching those beautiful miscanthus grasses yet but I can show you what I will do when the time comes!). So this is a rather last minute suggestion, but if you’re keen, I’d be delighted to have you join me for a PRUNING DAY in the GARDEN next SATURDAY 30 MAY.

The timing is perfect. As the herbaceous perennials die back, roses send out their final blooms of the season, and fruit trees and shrubs bare their branches, I can show you just where best to wield your secateurs. In the past we’ve wandered the entire garden, leaving a trail of prunings behind us. (Of course we can’t do all the pruning…that takes weeks, but it’s an opportunity to make enough ‘cuts’ across a wide variety of plant material for those who are new to the task.  In this case, it’s all about the ornamental, rather than the kitchen garden. 

I envisage a simple lunch…I’ll figure out how best to do it under the current distancing circumstances, so it may not be at a long table as we’ve done in the past. But it will be seasonally inspired from the kitchen garden.

All details and the booking form are here and as always, if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

This spontaneous event aside, I’m going to keep to PRIVATE DAYS in the KITCHEN GARDEN for now. There’s a great deal of winter produce – this is prime growing time, so I’d be delighted to welcome you and a friend or two (or three or four!) for one of these very special days in the kitchen garden. All the details are here.

Very best wishes as always,