Come a-kitchen-gardening with me… image Luisa Brimble

Hello everyone,

Just a reminder that I’ll be kicking off the first of the two KITCHEN GARDENING PRESENTATIONS in the series this weekend:   



4. THE KITCHEN GARDEN THROUGH THE SEASONSSUNDAY 03 OCTOBER 10.30AM AESTwith 5. Seasons, Food, Flowers & Life at Glenmore House to follow.

I’d love to encourage anyone who has ever participated in a Kitchen Gardening workshop here to join inif you can! How often I’ve wished I could run you through a slew of images on the days to underpin all you’re hearing and seeing in real life (and conversely, how I wish all those who see presentations could visit in real life!). Both experiences compliment the other…fill the gaps…expand the conversation.

I’d also love podcast followers to participateas a boost…particularly at this stage of the season; as the autumn/winter cycle draws to a fantastical close, filled with a fabulous bounty…and the time is right to begin the cycle all over again.

The first presentation will focus on the building blocks…piecing together all the components that go towards creating and maintaining a kitchen garden…while in the second I’ll bring them all together as we follow the regular annual cycle from decay to re-emergence and all the beauty and bounty in between. Both presentations are filled with images and each has a tale to tell.

This will be all about real life in the kitchen garden…not a magazine or instagram fantasy…but the backstory of a real working garden…and ultimately…how it influences a way of life. 
You can find the booking details here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions. How I hope I’ll see you on my screen these coming couple of Sunday mornings (or you can catch up the following week with the recording).

Calling all kitchen gardeners, as well as would-be and armchair ones too!

Very best wishes as always


ps Signing out of this website. I’m sad…I’ve got to grips with its workings over the years and I know I’m going to be all fingers & thumbs with what lies ahead. From your perspective…the above links may have a little lapse, or re-direct you from Saturday (while this site shuts down and the new one activates). I’ll have to figure out how to fill you in on all upcoming news and events from the new platform! It may take awhile to look cohesive but I do hope you’ll come along with me! 
pps Sorry for the booking difficulty on release of these two presentations last Friday morning…the glitch is all sorted now.