27 March – April Kitchen Gardening

Salad leaves are here again….

It’s so thrilling to have a multitude of delicate green & speckled leaves back in our salad bowl!  It will only be another week or so before hearting lettuce are ready to pluck once again……how we LOVE autumn!!

And so it’s time to book in for our next KITCHEN GARDENING DAY, on FRIDAY 27 APRIL.  Linda and I always look forward to our April day, where (along with all you need to know for the month ahead), we discuss fruit trees to plant out (olive, fig, persimmon & quince, as well as citrus, pomegranate & elderberry, to name a few). Watercress, garlic & green manure crops will also be on the agenda AND we have all the fun of our afternoon session MAKING COMPOST!!  We don’t mind if you stand on the sidelines and watch, or muck in and get dirty, but our intention is to make sure you know how to make your own and enjoy the process as much as we do….  

We very much hope you will join us on the day.  For further information and to book, please click here.  And if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me.
To glimpse an idea of the kind of seasonal menu you may enjoy here on Kitchen Gardening Days, have a look at last Saturday’s blog post (you may need your reading glasses!!).  Of course, our menus differ with each and every day.

And I know you will all join me in wishing Linda our heartfelt congratulations on the birth of her son, Flinders Jack a couple of weeks ago.  Too adorable….

Very best wishes


ps Big thanks to Steve Batley for a fantastic permaculture day last Saturday….I think all participants will think twice before squishing anything they once thought might be a pest!