30 March – Glenmore Open Garden

One fruit on a hedge of autumn pomegranates…

Once again, we will be opening the garden this year for AUSTRALIA’S OPEN GARDEN SCHEME, on the weekend of 21 & 22 APRIL.

This will be a terrific opportunity for regular participants to bring along partners, parents, children and friends, to share in what they’ve been enjoying on Kitchen Gardening Days. Or;  if you have yet to visit Glenmore, this is an ideal opportunity to take a sneak peak at what we get up to!  

I have determined for this opening, that the percentage of our gate takings which AOGS set aside for charity, will go towards the building of a Labyrinth in Sydney’s Centennial Park.  www.sydneylabyrinth.org I am SO excited and enthralled by this project!!  As a child growing up in a flat in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Centennial Park was my playground, and I know just how important it is to have access to green space and fresh air.  

I have been obsessed with paths & pattern all my life, and thanks to this project I now understand the difference between a maze and a labyrinth, as well as the restorative effect it can have for those who seek some time for thought and contemplation. 

And for fun, with Emily Simpson’s help, WE PLAN TO LAY OUT A (temporary) LABYRINTH HERE FOR YOU TO SEE AND ‘WALK’ DURING OUR OPEN GARDEN WEEKEND!! My fingers are crossed for one on the croquet lawn – watch this space!

I will be giving talks at 11am & 2pm both days on Kitchen Gardening, and somehow I will have made cakes for you to enjoy for morning & afternoon tea.  The Barn will be open for any shopaholics, and my new Essential Work Dress can be viewed that weekend….(see snippet in last week’s blog).

If you have any questions, do please get in touch.  We will hope to see many of you over that weekend!

Best wishes as always,