7 October 2011

Hello everyone,

There is so much produce in the garden I simply can’t decide yet what we will cook on our NEXT SEASONAL COOKING DAY, on FRIDAY 21 OCTOBER.

I just know that we will go out into the garden, baskets in hand, and collect all we need for a very full day’s cooking in the Dairy! I’m sure there will be risotto, and probably a light spring soup, if we’re REALLY lucky there might be elderflower cordial on the list….we just need a bit more sun to bring the flowers on.

Whatever we cook, it will be FUN! And there will be broad beans & peas, asparagus, globe artichokes, fennel and rhubarb to prepare.

These are my very FIRST purple globe artichokes. As I had to pick them for a photo shoot this week, we may have to make do with green ones on our cooking day….but the green are sublime, in bud, & plumping up by the day!

I do hope you can join me. Please send an email to join the list & I will very much look forward to seeing you here.

Best wishes