Late Spring in the Kitchen Garden with Mickey, Saturday 06 November


Join Mickey Robertson in her Kitchen Garden at Glenmore – a working garden full of constant activity, which changes almost daily through all its phases of growth and yield. There is much to learn – whatever month, whichever season. The art of Kitchen Gardening is to be found in spontaneity (as well as practicality!) and in attending kitchen garden days with Mickey, you will grasp the beating heart of the garden, the full circle of vegetable gardening and glean a true understanding of absolute seasonality.

Discussion and example on the days will encompass whichever tasks are relevant to the moment – from the care and nurture of all veg during their growing season (using organic principles of course), to the upheaval of crop rotation, staking and support structures, soil, compost, watering, tonics and seed collecting, through to the aesthetics and design of a Kitchen Garden. The days simply reflect all that is relevant to the season and moment, so you can absorb the information at an unhurried pace.

Mickey suggests it’s in the Kitchen Garden that you may make your biggest gardening mistakes, as they will be short-lived; for the Kitchen Garden in particular is ephemeral…..here today, gone tomorrow, either eaten or expired and the time will soon be right to begin the entire process with your newfound wisdom all over again.


10am Morning Tea

10.20 or so we settle into an Introduction to Kitchen Gardening in the Dairy.

11.30’ish we’ll be off into the Kitchen Garden for a 2 – 2.5 hour intensive session – rain, hail or shine (please dress appropriately)

1.30 / 2.00’ish A simple, seasonal, garden-inspired lunch, tasting the very best ingredients from the garden. After lunch, you are welcome to visit the Barn and linger longer in the garden.

COVID SAFE RULES WILL APPLY ON THE DAY including double vaccination check and QR code scan on entry. Physical distancing rules will apply, as will wearing a mask inside if that particular rule is still applicable on that date. WE ASK THAT  YOU PLEASE NOT ATTEND IF YOU FEEL UNWELL. Should that be the unfortunate case, we ask you to please advise your situation as soon as possible so we can attempt to fill your space.

Cost: $280 per person 

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Price: $ 280.00
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