SEASONAL COOKING DAYS at Glenmore are great fun as well as instructive.  Whether you have a garden of your own and are looking for new ways to prepare your produce, or simply dream of having your own kitchen garden (this is a wonderful way to pretend!), these days are quite delightful.

SEASONAL COOKING DAYS are presented either by Guest Cooks or Mickey herself with her Harvest, Cook & Eat Days.  In addition, there are Slow Food Days, Preserving Days, Jam Sessions and Tomato Days. To be advised of these and other special culinary activities at Glenmore which will be announced during the year, please join our mailing list.

What we prepare and cook depends very much on what’s actually growing in the garden so, as we near each SEASONAL COOKING DAY, we will have a more precise idea of the Day’s recipes.  Seasonality is key and your visits to Glenmore will show you what’s truly in season, which will be helpful for those who don’t have kitchen gardens and are regularly faced with out of season produce in the shops.

You will pick up some fundamental know-how along the way….from making stock for use in delicious seasonal soups or divine risottos;  delectable fruit syllabubs or scrumptious crumbles.  We will poach & roast to prepare our veg with the lightest possible touch, and use handfuls of just-picked herbs for instant pistous & pesto.  We will make elderflower cordial & Seville orange marmalade, spectacular rustic loaves of bread, using recipes you can easily follow at home & share with your family and friends.

From time to time, we invite a guest chef to cook a weekend lunch, so you can just come and eat lunch in the Dairy, wander in the garden, shop in the Barn….no learning involved.  You can just relax and enjoy yourself, if that’s what you prefer!  Join the mailing list so you will have advance notice!