Immerse yourself in the botanical knowledge of naturopath, herbalist and author, Anthia Koullouros, at one of these seasonally specific workshops:

Late Summer / Early Autum


Late Autumn / Early Winter


Late Winter / Early Spring


Late Spring / Early Summer


Each new season is your chance for a fresh start. Like a deciduous tree, your body is designed to cycle; to ebb, flow and renew with the seasons. To shed periodically, and to grow back stronger and healthier than ever.

In autumn we recover from holiday excess, we balance, consolidate and strengthen for winter. In winter we nourish immunity, boost mood and embrace quiet. In spring we push back against allergies, we shed, feel light and delight in new growth. In summer, we cool, hydrate, position ourselves in excellent health before the silly season.

It’s easy to fall out of sync, disconnect from nature and lose touch with ourselves. To work too much, exercise too little, eat the wrong foods and grow increasingly pale behind our computer screens…to feel bloated, heavy and sluggish after meals; gain weight that won’t budge or fail to put on healthy weight; to react to seasonal allergies such as itchy eyes, hay fever and skin irritation; to suffer decreased immunity and catch everything going around. To feel tired, flat and grumpy in the mornings, suffer from insomnia and broken sleep; or from anxiety, stress, or to feel overwhelmed, to suffer acne and other conditions.

The good news is, with each new season comes the chance to reset, reconnect and restore your health in just a few short weeks, by implementing a new seasonal ritual of releasing toxins, mindful nutrition and daily self-care practices, employing the transformative power of delicious, vibrant, light and fresh nutrient dense foods and organic herbal cleansing tisanes.

Reconnect with your natural and seasonal rhythm, move in flow with the change of weather, environment, length of days and embrace seasonal produce, returning to the foods that we’ve evolved to eat. AK

About ANTHIA KOULLOUROS and APOTHECA BY ANTHIA www.apothecabyanthia.com @anthia_koullouros_naturopath @apotheca.by.anthia

Apothecary originates from the ancient Greek word Apothēca, [ἀποθήκη]: A dispensary  of botanical remedies, it was the place where women could be healers. Anthia’s mission is to serve, support and inspire you, to take care of your health; encouraging you to fall in love with nature, natural wisdom and natural herbal medicine; to take care of our earth and humanity and to live mindfully with a joyful heart.

Founder and creator of Apotheca by Anthia, her Naturopathic Clinic, Apothecary & Tea Store is based in Paddington, NSW, Australia. Alongside Anthia’s Clinical Practice, her offering of organic Botanical Teas, Tisanes & Naturopathic Remedies are steeped in over 25 years of clinical naturopathic and herbal medicine; and created to holistically nourish you on your health and wellness journey. Small bespoke batches are hand made in Australia from exquisite organic ingredients. With minimal waste in mind, they are deliciously good for you and our earth.

Workshop description: Each day will begin at 10am with morning tea, enjoying Anthia’s tea blends or tisanes. A garden ramble with Anthia and Mickey will follow, punctuated with pauses for Anthia to share her herbal knowledge as you discover medicinal plants and flowers. While you consolidate your notes with Anthia, Mickey will prepare a garden-inspired, long-table lunch for you to enjoy. During the practical afternoon session, Anthia will discuss and demonstrate and you will have the opportunity to make some of those herbal remedies to support seasonal health concerns: herbal tisanes, salts, oils & vinegars, hand & body scrub…a hugely fun component to the day and you will take home the creations you make. The day will draw to an end at 4pm.

Cost $395.00 per person (for bookings, click the seasonal links in green, above!)