Trisha Dixon’s Dreamers, Drifters…..

Hydra port….

Hello everyone,

How excited I am that TRISHA DIXON is making a return visit to GLENMORE HOUSE, but with a twist on last year’s Mediterranean Meanderings.  This time, while exploring the evocative landscapes, gardens and architecture with which so many of us are enamoured, she will regale us with stories of the writers, musicians and artists who chose to live part of their lives there….“fascinating people who lived and loved life to the full in that transient beauty”.

So, I am delighted to invite you to DREAMERS, DRIFTERS, DILETTANTES, WRITERS AND MUSO’S IN THE MEDITERRANEAN with TRISHA on FRIDAY 10 MARCH. Trisha has been visiting the Mediterranean for many years now, leaving the Monaro behind when the first frosts arrive, to introduce others to this beguiling realm that she’s explored over and over again.  That Trisha herself is great fun and full of enthusiasm for this captivating topic, ensures we’ll all be transported as if on a magic carpet (and I promise not to prune the olive trees before, so that they frame the view at lunch, lending continuity to our theme!).

As a little aside, have you seen ‘a landscape of the soul’, the chapter on Trisha’s garden in ‘The Planthunter’ Truth, Beauty, Chaos and Plants by Georgina Reid with images by Daniel Shipp?  (published by Thames & Hudson late last year).

Meanwhile, on the day, I’ll be attempting to make sure all is well prepared for our long-table, Mediterranean-inspired lunch to enjoy after the talk, so I can sneak in at the back and not miss out!

You can find all the details about the day and the booking form here; and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Trisha and I will very much look forward to seeing you on the day!

Best wishes