16 May – Willow Structure Workshop 2019

Each a character….

Hello everyone,

As I write, PENNY SIMONS is busy grading the material she’s gathered for our WILLOW STRUCTURE WORKSHOP on FRIDAY23 AUGUST.

How excited I am that we are running this workshop once again, and how very lucky that we can: since my last communication, Penny’s discovered to her horror, that some of her dependable willow sources have vanished!  It means we are unable to run the ‘panel’ workshop as hoped next month and may put a question mark over future willow workshops too.

There are just two lucky last places left on 23 August, so if you’ve hoped to learn the skill of making such a structure under Penny’s watchful eye and patient guidance, now is the time to pounce!
I know previous participants are thrilled to have their very own willow-work in their gardens; whether supporting climbing plants or as a feature in their own right. 

All details about the day and the booking form are here; and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Two important things to note:  a certain amount of dexterity is required to make one of these beauties…in particular, you need to have strong hands.  And keep in mind you will need to bring a vehicle large enough to fit your completed work into to take home…or scale the structure you make to suit!

I can’t wait to see this workshop reveal another collection of quirky structures and their beaming makers.  Will you be one of them?

Very best wishes