Hello everyone,

It’s so rare to include an image I haven’t snapped here at Glenmore in the newsletter…but given we all need a bit of distraction just now, I thought why not? (I’m a lucky girl…Larry thought I needed a few days break!), but between the many miles I drove, the beautiful headlands, coastal foliage, frothy waves and inland scapes, I pondered a plan. So (although it will take awhile to formulate and given the continuous question mark over simply everything) watch this space!  A hint? Cooking with Belinda Jeffery was an absolute highlight…a joy! As were my early morning walks along this glorious beach.

Anyway…back to reality because here we are…almost on the cusp of a new season. We had some good frosts during the week I was away, which has temporarily put paid to the white cabbage moths, but equally caused things to look a bit ordinary so I have some tweaking to do! We’re coming up to peak spring harvest, though the effort expended throughout the autumn and winter months has ensured we’ve been eating well all the way through. Thanks to the rain and some predicted warmth…I sense a shift in the season and it won’t be long ’til summer is on our minds! I’ve recorded another set of those IGTV clips since the last newsletter…so if you missed them and feel so inclined, you can find them here. I’ll do another round in a few weeks time because peeps keep telling me they’re useful! (*For those unfamiliar with these clips…they’re only allowed to be ten minutes long, which is why they’re in four parts! You should be able to click on them one after another once you’re on the instagram page via the highlighted link above). 

Now for a couple of reminders: expressions of interest in the WILLOW WORKSHOP with PENNY SIMONS on FRIDAY 21 AUGUST were popular and we have only one place left. This time around, participants will make a ‘cloche’ and a ‘hurdle’, so the shapes are slightly different to the workshops we’ve run in the past…and both pieces slightly smaller than at previous days, but participants will make two pieces rather than one…both equally desirable in the garden! If you’re keen to join us…well-distanced…with COVIDSafe plans in place…you can find all the details and make your booking here

PRIVATE DAYS in the KITCHEN GARDEN are a convenient way for you to benefit from all the knowledge I have to share, along with a delicious garden-inspired lunch (and precious seed from the seedbank of course!). Although I’ve yet to have a one-on-one day, groups of two and three have been such a delight and I’m happy to have up to six. So if you have a small group of friends…the cost reverts to that of original kitchen gardening days, and I can still keep you well spaced. With a new season in the wings…and this one in full throttle, it’s a good time to take the opportunity to come and absorb the late winter kitchen garden here. All details are on the webpage (they also make a fabulous present!).

Two more tentative workshops to float with you (that have been pencilled into the calendar for ages but that I’ve been reluctant to share so far (COVID-pending) are:




At this stage I’d like to call for expressions of interest in both these events (as I did with Penny’s workshop). So contact me to pop your name on the list and I’ll send you the respective details, then we’ll play it by ear ’til closer to the time. I don’t like the uncertainty of doing it this way, but it gives us something to aim for and hopefully to bring to fruition. Yes, we’ve implemented the rulings and registered Glenmore House as a COVIDSafe business.

Til has been painting up a storm whilst cooped up in the countryside during the winter months, with still life, seasonal produce and simple surroundings capturing her mood and imagination in oils (she’s been forwarding me pics of delightful works in progress to drool over, of mandarins and oysters, to japonica in blossom). She suggests you might like to bring along a favourite plate or other domestic object to focus on, to which you can add something from the garden here, and under her expert and gentle tutelage, create a work of your own…but more of that when you contact me.

As for spring Italian cooking…Ange and I hatched this plan last year when my globe artichokes and broad beans coincided with the last of the lemons…and we were salivating over each other’s insta posts! It was soon after the beautiful event at which she cooked and shared her abundant knowledge with participants here, just a little earlier in the last spring season. Once again, please let me know if you’d like me to pop your name on the list to join us for a day of delicious produce, food and generous recipes.

Oh how I hope this finds you well…and that I’ll see you here soon!

Very best wishes as always,


*I know not everyone who receives these newsletters is necessarily ‘instagram-savvy’ so I hope these little clues help. Also…new subscribers might like to visit the PODCAST for the first time, while some of you might like to take the opportunity to revisit…at this moment of the year the intro is timely, to be followed by episode one. It’s all still live on the website – both the audio and the supporting notes. And I encourage all those who have been to my recent kitchen gardening presentations…both at Gin Gin and last weekend’s private day in the country, to visit the podcast now while the presentation is still fresh in your mind!!!