Mickey’s Essential Work Dress


For every day….in pure linen and so easy to throw on; with pockets and pleat and selvedge detail to cuffs and hem.  The bracket at the back has two placement options so you can pull it tight, make it loose or take the bracket off altogether (as I often do when tackling a job that requires extra effort!). BEFORE PLACING ANY ORDER THOUGH, PLEASE contact me to be sure I have your size in stock.



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The one in the photo has been washed so many times it's quite aged by now.  (No, I don't wear it for actual gardening....but for every day: real gardening requires the shabbiest of old clothes!). Oh and there's a loop inside the yoke, so you can hang it on a hook if you're in a hurry.... Cold wash, iron damp if you like a crisp finish. I often wash mine and hang overnight to have it ready for the day ahead. The standard dress is made of natural linen. From time to time I have one-off dresses made in other fabrics as I discover them - to be 'in the know', just contact me and I'll add you to the list I share this information with! POA for those dresses as they're one-off and cost will depend on the fabric. BEFORE PLACING ANY ORDER THOUGH, PLEASE contact me to be sure I have your size in stock, as I have the dresses made in very small quantities at my Sydney workroom and each size isn't always available. If I'm out of stock, I'll let you know when the next batch is likely to be due, and also answer any questions you may have. *I can also arrange to have one of my hats (of Milanese Straw with a wired brim and made specially for me by Axel Mano in Sydney) to be sent to you. Again, please contact me for details.

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