PRIVATE DAYS / or at home with MICKEY

Images by Luisa Brimble

Private days…they’ve been around for a while now and (particularly through the recent uncertain Covid times) have allowed the opportunity for peeps to still enjoy a day here at Glenmore House (well…when not in lockdown of course!) to learn, dream, eat…be inspired.

Whilst it can often be difficult to find a date to suit a disparate group of participants, it’s just a little bit easier to change things late in the day (as long as it’s not toooo late!) if it involves only a very small group.

Whether your day be a specifically tailored and honed kitchen gardening one (see in the Kitchen Garden Workshops)…or one in which to simply indulge in the romance of a country garden…where we wander (baskets in hand) the ornamental, kitchen garden and field too, to dally for questions and conversation as the mood takes us…they are always very ‘full’ days!

Whether couples, families, friends or workmates; city folk, country peeps…private days often tick the box when a ‘listed’ date doesn’t quite work.

This year I’m also excited to offer Field of Flowers Workshops when alongside the pure immersion and playful acitivities with flowers, a bottle (size depending on the number in your group!) of Aromatic Botanical Water (pure hydrosol) will be yours to take home – the result of distilling foliage or flowers from the field or ornamental garden on a traditional copper alembic still. Of course Field of Flower Days* will be entirely season and weather dependent…so your little group would need to be very flexible. We can only harvest material that is at its very best…it’s moment of pure viriditas…which means days of sunshine in advance as well as on the day. (There’s no point in distilling sad, waterlogged…or parched for that matter… plant material). 

The cost per person is $320.00 for a minimum six people.  If you are less than six please contact me to discuss.

The beauty of these private days is that they provide flexibility…we can find a date to suit you. All days begin at 10am with morning tea…a herbal tisane from the garden (or an espresso!) and one of my naughty but scrumptious seasonal, garden-inspired cakes, alongside a relaxed introduction to the delightful day ahead. Unless you’ve requested a serious kitchen gardening day, it will simply unfold according to the season…so a surprise of sorts will be in store. Lunch will be a highlight and before you leave at around 3.30/4.00 pm, you can have a little potter in the Barn.

I will  point you in the direction of the Booking Form once we’ve had a chat either by email or phone…it’s simply best to contact me.

I do hope you will be tempted to join me for a day here at Glenmore House, very, very soon!