A welcome burst of yellow…(Jerusalem artichoke flower)

Hello everyone,

Heavens these last weeks have brought their challenges! How I hope you’re working your way through any that have arisen for you; have plugged the leaks and had the opportunity to make the most of any brief ray of sunshine sent your way.
Despite the crazy weather and sodden ground, I was relieved for all concerned that both our inspirational Futuresteading and scentillating Late Summer Perfumery events did go ahead between the downpours…boy they had us on tenterhooks; but the joy they brought to all who attended (and facilitated) was palpable!

And so…it’s the future that beckons now and I thought I’d let you know the list of exciting events planned for this year is on the website (at last!). Whilst I’m still crossing the ‘t’s and dotting the ‘i’s, the dates listed so far are all locked in. Thanks to the continuing uncertainty of our times though, I’m going to err on the side of caution where it comes to accepting payment for bookings. So as has always been the way, I’ll continue to release each event by newsletter as its respective date approaches. If you would like to be on an earlybird list please let me know…or at least save the date (and perhaps have a chat with a friend or two to see if they’d like to join you).

The first of the special event details coming soon are:

PETAL POUNDING & PRESERVATION DYEING with INDIA FLINT on SUNDAY 01 MAY. Oh how thrilling! It’s a number of years since India has wandered in our direction and I can vouch for the fact that a day in her company will yield pure creative joy. This one is going to be slightly out of the box for this poetic and insightful eco-dyeing alchemist…let’s just say I’m treading (literally) with fear, trepidation and great care in one particular pocket of the garden in preparation! India’s days are inclined to garner huge interest, so be quick to pounce when details are announced!

The next is SEASONAL EATING & THE HERBAL GARDEN for HEALTH with ANTHIA KOULLOUROS on SATURDAY 07 MAY. Most of you know there were many elements at play as I selected the plants that make up the garden here; and the potential value they might have to contribute to our health was right up there alongside fundamental design elements…such as structure, scale, colour, texture, harmony, contrast etc (oh…and perfume of course!). I am always so delighted when Anthia says yes to coming back here once again, to share her great depth of knowledge about how those plants in the garden (you will have many of them too) can be incorporated into your diet and medicine chest. With winter on the way by then, it will be a timely reminder, as well as a beautiful day.

Last but not least for the month of May will be LATE AUTUMN inTHE KITCHEN GARDEN with MICKEY on SATURDAY 28 MAY. I know I’ve been tardy in setting a date this year…and some of you have been hanging out for it. But it’s been a peculiar start to the year, on various levels. No fear…by then with any luck, the weather will have settled into those golden days and there will be much to glean from a day immersed in all things kitchen gardening…and food! Like all growers, I have a great deal to do in the coming weeks as the torrential rain has really messed up the entire crop rotation process. But that’s little to complain about given the dire circumstances for many.

I do hope you will be tempted to save some dates and that I will see you here very soon. Keep well everyone!

With very best wishes as always,


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