Bowerbird book signing….

Today Sibella Court will be signing copies of her iconic book ‘Bowerbird’ at The Society inc. in Paddington between 2 & 4pm. She suggests you ‘bring your own books – hopefully full of notes & slightly dog-eared’, or to buy another copy – as she will have them on sale.  

I am a great fan of this book….not just because Sibella and her brother, photographer Chris Court took some of their whimsical images here at Glenmore, but because somehow it reminds me of my childhood….visions of my grandfather’s millinery factory, where small cardboard boxes full of pins, rolls of stiff brown paper, measuring tapes, labelled drawers and all the items the word ‘haberdashery’ conjure, were abundant.  It was a veritable treasure-trove to a little girl.  Every page of the book transports me anyway, to another time and place, due to Sibella’s use of evocative words (as much as the images).  I find it to be quite enchanting and I’ll certainly treasure my copy forever.

So get along to Paddington this arvo if you can;  and scoop yourself up a copy of Bowerbird (incidentally my Grandfather’s nickname….he was always picking things up of the pavement, much to my childhood embarrassment!), and indulge yourself in some simple inspiration.

 And see if you can spot the images that were taken on location here at Glenmore!
Incidentally, I seem to be plagued by real life Bowerbirds at present….they’re still nibbling the outside of my lettuce leaves & snapping the tops off newly sprouted peas. rrrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!

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