Collecting thoughts and seed….

Ah…..a new day, a new week, a new school term and focus returns!  The week’s highlight for me is to prepare for  Sibella Court’s pavement Flea Market this coming Saturday morning, 19 July, at The Society Inc.  in Paddington.

The notion of just what to take to Sibella’s markets always sets me off on some kind of quirky tangent. So to begin with, I’ve just cut a great load of Amaranth flowers from which to gather seed.  It won’t be long now, before we can expect scattered seed to spring into carpets of wee bronze/magenta leaves (which are heaven scattered over almost anything to eat).  I foresee hand-threshing and packing seed into baby recycled paper bags on the kitchen table during evenings this week – what fun, if messy – I guess I’ll have tiny black seed all over the kitchen floor again!  I’ll keep you posted with further thoughts of just what else I might be tempted to take to market as the week progresses….

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