Rose Geranium Botanical Water


Botanical Water (hydrosol / mist) from the garden at Glenmore House

Rose Geranium D1 #2

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Pelargonium capitatum 'Attar of Rose' (rose geranium / rose-scented pelargonium) D1 #2

Grown through the atmospheric summer and golden days of autumn and winter 2021, the leaves were picked on a 'bright sprinter' morning as they filled to the brim with viriditas. Their pure aromatic essence was captured through distillation on a traditional copper alembic still.

Refrigerate or keep at a cool, consistent temperature as this hydrosol mist contains no chemicals or preservatives. Being natural, the contents will continue to evolve on their transient journey, so please use rather than keep.

Created with just one purpose in mind: to lift your spirits, to make you smile. Close your eyes and mist your face for an evocative yet fleeting moment of delight...just as a rush of ephemeral scent on the breeze engulfs the senses, then it's gone...

Bottled into 10ml amber atomisers on request and when in stock: please keep the bottle so Mickey can refill it from the next anticipated batch.

*LIMIT one Rose Geranium per customer (this is truly small batch distillation!) AND limit maximum two bottles per postage satchel: 1 x 35ml and 1 x 10ml or 2 x 10ml (so you can add one Lavender or Orange Blossom!).

If you choose to collect rather than have your bottle posted, please contact Mickey to make a time. (Overseas orders please enquire).