Pumpkin thief of Glenmore….

Yes, that’s me!!!  Well…..not really….

I did ask Julie Jensen (Jensen’s Garden Centre at the end of our road) in passing, a couple of months ago, if perhaps I could borrow some of her prize-winning pumpkins for our Winter Concert (knowing that I hadn’t had a great pumpkin season – certainly nothing like normal, though I have some lovely late ones now – such has been the weather).  She said yes at the time, but when I popped along there in the ute on Saturday afternoon she was not to be found!  Jerry (her longstanding help) however, found the idea of me being a pumpkin thief amusing, so we just agreed I’d drop them back again on Monday! Which I have done!

Aren’t they fabulous?  They still have all their Camden Show entry stickers on them and though some are past their best by now, once I’d brushed off the dust, they made a fantastic display on our lunch tables in the Hayshed!  (see yesterday’s post).  

Thank you Julie – here’s to a better pumpkin season in 2015!

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