Tiny pots….

I’m also tempted to take along a handful of tiny antique French terracotta pots to The Society IncWinter Flea Market on Saturday morning.  Nothing equals the colour, texture, the patina of authentic ones. I was lucky to get my hands on a stash of them recently and will be happy to share them with you!  (I’ve also just taken delivery of some cleverly aged new ones, fit for the garden, but more about those another time!). 

I’ve brought a small collection of old ones home in suitcases over the years, each one carefully wrapped, packed and precious. My favourites sit before me, on my desk, filled to the brim with tiny shells.  To me, they represent a happy combination of two things very close to my heart….the garden and the seashore….though I’d be just as happy with them stacked as they are above, on a shelf in the laundry!

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