Aromatic memento….

It can be a challenge to devise a keepsake from the garden when large numbers are involved, and particularly at this time of year.  I found myself still wondering if I could produce enough of anything for our guests at Sunday’s Winter Concert, on Saturday afternoon!  But then I went on a little forage, secateurs in hand, and devised the following:  

a sprig of Rosemary to use in the kitchen, or to strike as a cutting

a stem of Lavender to scent the washing

a leaf of Artemisia to keep moths at bay

the leaf of a rose-scented Pelargonium….press between fingers to release the scent

I collected bundles of each and Clemmie had a lovely time sitting in front of the big open fire in the Dairy, tying little sprigs for each person to take at the end of the day.  Of course, the result was aromatic intoxication!

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