10 Sep – FIRST BATCH sold out…

Weighing scented leaf pelargonium….

Hello everyone,

What a delightful response to this morning’s first batch release of Rose Geranium BOTANICAL WATER! 

I’m so thrilled that even the description transported so many of you…on a magic carpet of dreams to warmer climes…to holidays…to childhood memories….

The very small batch has now all sold. I’m so sorry to those who missed out. But I will be carrying out another distillation as soon as the plants put on their next strong growth. (I had to cut back and move them when the roses arrived to make way in the field).

In the meantime…I’m hoping upon hope…filled with excitement and not a little trepidation…that my next batch will be Orange Blossom! It’s about to pop. It’s early…

I don’t know what the outcome will be (it may be just an experiment but if so, it will be a whole year ’til the next opportunity!). Anyway, I need to wait for just the right moment…one day next week perhaps. Already I can feel my heart pounding in anticipation…

If you did miss out this morning, please contact me and I’ll pop you on a list for the next viable batch. 

Very best wishes as always


ps Don’t forget INSIDE / OUT this coming Sunday…online presentation!