12 June – Winter Newsletter

Oh so slow winter cooking….

Hello everyone,

Now the winter chill has set in, there is time for a bit of housekeeping on the home front!  Read on for some reflection, followed by some exciting news…

Firstly, I’d like to thank HARRIET GOODALL (Weaving Workshops), ROBB GARDENER (Windsor & Jewels), PATRICE NEWELL (Olives, Garlic & Life in theHunter) and SARAH KEY (Back-in-the-Garden), for coming to Glenmore and inspiring our participants with tales from their respective specialist fields.  There is now an archive of these days on our Special Events page on the website, so you can revisit the details (and if you missed out and would like us to run a repeat performance, do let me know!).  Each of the days had a completely different vibe, and each one was SO enjoyable.
Also, a very big thank you to STEVE BATLEY for his Permaculture day in March, when Linda took just one month off from Kitchen Gardening Days in order to produce Flinders – beautiful baby boy!  As well as to LINDA who has given two divine Kitchen Gardening Days since, with either wonderful husband or darling mother in tow, to babysit between feeds….

Then there was our Open Garden Scheme weekend in April, when we had 590 visitors & I gave talks twice a day on Kitchen Gardening.  A big thank you once again to our helpers – especially Peter & Janie, Tina, Dwin and Squidge.  And especially to Emily for marking out the Labyrinth, and thanks to such fantastic numbers, we were able to contribute over $1,000.00 towards the Centennial Park Labyrinth Project.  And on that front, keep an eye on these newsletters, for a VERY SPECIAL SPRING EVENT!

So to the housekeeping part:  I am gradually being dragged, kicking & screaming into the new century!  We now have a Glenmore House FACEBOOK page!  Oh dear – I’m not sure how I’m really going to deal with it, but so many of you keep telling me we must have one, so just bare with me while I get to grips with it.  And I hope you will please Like Us / Share with a Friend / Comment!!  An icon has now been added to the first page after you enter the website, so please take this opportunity to click on it!

AND, you can now choose to receive my blog by email or rss feed!  I would SO love you to subscribe – those who are regulars know I don’t get around to writing a post every day, so it won’t drive you nuts.  But it is a bit of fun.

And so, to the new events!! :   There will be lots of exciting things happening from late winter onwards.

So keep an eye on these newsletters, and expect to see pages open on the website very soon for:  a very, VERY special one-off event with STEFANO MANFREDI at Glenmore on SATURDAY 18 AUGUST.

Another WEAVING WORKSHOP with HARRIET GOODALL on FRIDAY 12 OCTOBER;  as well as a top secret event in the planning to raise further funds for the Centennial Park Labyrinth Project.
So check your diaries, subscribe to my blog(please!), like us/join us on facebook(pretty please!), and get some good winter air into your lungs by pruning your gardens, shifting some compost and staking up those climbing peas!  Then sit by the fire and dream of all the lovely things you’ll be harvesting in spring and start planning your Summer Kitchen Garden.  Linda and I will look forward to seeing you again for August’s Introduction to Kitchen Gardening Spring/Summer!!

Oh, and one more thing…..due to the wet summer, for the first time ever, no fruit set on the Seville orange this year, and so I can’t run my  Marmalade Day as planned.  To avoid disappointment, and by popular demand, I intend to replace the date with a day of MAKING CAKES!!  So for those of you who have requested recipes for my cakes, (and there are many!) here is your chance:  FRIDAY 10 AUGUST is BAKING DAY at GLENMORE! 

My very best wishes as always,


ps if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact me….especially if you would like to register your interest in any of the above events before I open the booking pages.
pps twitter & pinterest coming next, but I really can only get my head around one thing at a time!