12 November – Summer Kitchen Gardening Day

Summer structures & enclosures….

Hello everyone,

I am so very, VERY excited about the preparation of this year’s Summer Kitchen Garden.  The beginning of a new season is always a thrill – a clean slate, that brings with it a list of tasks to achieve, and new ideas to implement.  I don’t mind admitting I find it difficult to get on top of that never-ending list, but I have a feeling that this season, we have perhaps the best example yet of our Kitchen Garden in full seasonal swing. It’s not perfect – I’m still working on it, but it’s getting there!

With all manner of twig supports and shade enclosures built in the traditional beds; fennel, celery, parnsip and chard in bloom, shade new summer seedlings in the guild beds.  Wig-wams are triple planted, successional sowing clear, green shade sprouted.  The contrast between the two garden styles is rarely as extreme and clear as it is right now, and so it is a very good example from which you have the opportunity to learn.  (And the last chance before what will (all being well!), be a ‘full-blown’ summer garden at our first Kitchen Gardening Day next year….).

So, if you’re just tinkering with the idea of making a Kitchen Garden, or would like some clarification on points from a previous visit, SUMMER KITCHEN GARDENING on FRIDAY 30 NOVEMBER, should have the answers to just about everything you would like to know!

Come and share my obsession with twigs, structures, enclosures & rows of neat & tidy veg, as well as my passion for the wild & loose, romantic nature of bee & ladybird attracting umbellifers! 
Learn, dream, eat, be inspired…..

Linda and I will look forward to seeing you here. 

Best wishes as always,


ps We’ve had one cancellation for tomorrow’s Weaving Workshop with Harriet Goodall – if you’d like to join us at this very late stage, please click here for further details and to make a booking!
pps AND, I’m off to the fair – the IRIS COUNTRY FAIR!  This Saturday 17 November – check my superblog for a sneak-peak at what I’ll be taking;  and for all details of the fair itself, www.iriscountryfair.com.au