On a cheery note, sending you flowers with wishes and love…

Hello everyone,

It seems we’re destined to end this year in a state of some anxiety….as these eerie, smoke-filled days arrive one after another. Thank you to all who sent messages a couple of weeks ago when the fires were near. Although still some kilometres away as the crow flies, they were certainly too close for comfort. We were lucky that time….blessed….but their proximity had us on high alert; collecting leaf litter by the barrow load, filling the roof gutters with water; hoses at the ready. Now again, as I write, the danger lies in a different direction and we’ve repeated the process all over again. We’re all in the hands of extreme temperatures and changeable winds; well aware that one person’s good fortune could be someone else’s misfortune; and have friends evacuated and closer to the action. We remain vigilant; with an eye to the fire app and an ear to local abc radio. What a tumultuous situation so much of this country is in; and it will only come to an end with good rain.  Rain….it’s all we want for Christmas.

I’ve spent so much time distracted; with nose to the breeze and on patrol,  (right on the heels of wrapping up our open garden) that I simply haven’t got around to scheduling dates in the calendar for 2020, but never fear...I’ll get there in the new year!

Big thanks again for so many enthusiastic responses to our Spring Garden Fair, celebrating 30 years at Glenmore! It was fun!

This year also saw the completion of my 12 month, spring to spring cycle of the Podcast: in the Kitchen Garden with Mickey. All I’ve been able to think these last weeks is how lucky I began the series at the beginning of spring last yearWe thought the drought bad enough then, but were oh so lucky to score a few glorious summer afternoon thunderstorms to get us through. This summer, the situation feels oh so much more brittle; and I won’t be successionally sowing any more veg…I’ll just eek out what’s already planted, save seed set by all those glorious flowers on high that are lending a wildly romantic meadow effect just now (carrot, fennel, celery, parsnip and parsley), anchored here and there with the handsome serrated leaves and giant purple flowers of globe artichokes. It’s utterly mesmerising….a vision to behold in the face of adversity! Although the weather pattern may be different this summer season, the fundamental information in the podcast doesn’t alter, so I really do encourage you to listen to the relevant monthly episode, during the first week of each month….even if it’s only to hear the sound of a summer thunderstorm! I’ll be leaving the podcast notes and audio for you to access on the website. Both are packed with information, and their content can be dipped into rather like a favourite book whose chapters you may return to time and again. I very much hope you will continue to use them as a resource, both now and into the future. 

My heartfelt Christmas wishes come mixed with concern for those in drought, displaced by fire; our incredible volunteers and those who directly support them. This may not be a summer of great festivity, but hopefully there will be good reason for cheer in the new year. 

With love and wishes to all….keep safe.


image snapped in the aftermath of the spring garden fair by @the.visual.feast