22 February – Seasonal Cooking Newsletter

Late summer days of marmalade & roses….

With AUTUMN fast approaching, it’s time to invite you to my first SEASONAL COOKING DAY of the year, on FRIDAY 16 MARCH.

My cooking days are inclined to be pot luck – it really DOES depend on what’s growing in the garden, and given the extraordinary summer we’ve had, it’s anyone’s guess what may be there on 16 March!

I am however, quietly confident, that there will be tomatoes & aubergines, beans & figs, as well as basil & other delightful herbs by the armful. I’m very tempted to include among the recipes on the day, the one for Sorrel Soup I gave to SMH for their Good Living article about us last week – it makes for such a tangy introduction to autumn, and we do have sorrel here in abundance! 
Glenmore Cooking Days are small – only 6 people maximum.  You will have the opportunity to fill my baskets with fruit, veg and herbs in the garden;  bring them inside, and together we’ll cook up a storm! They are lovely days to share with a friend, or two.

A very relaxed Lunch in the Loggia is the reward for a morning’s toil; then there will be time to potter in the Barn and to wander in the garden.  I do hope you will join me.  For more information and to book, please click here.

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, have a peek at my recent blog posts to find other clues as to what ingredients may appear on the day, and I will very much hope to see you here.

Best wishes