23 January 2012 – A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!!!

Summer holidays…..


I hope you’ve had a wonderful festive season, with some time to play, and to contemplate, during these last few weeks…..

As for me, I’ve been gallivanting and so have much to share and inspire you in the months ahead.  Of course, as a result, the garden is out of control, so I have my work cut out (see my blog!).  

I’d like to draw your attention (this final week of January), to the exciting calendar of events we have planned at Glenmore & hope I can persuade you to visit us at least once during the first months of the year.  Each will be further explained in its own newsletter, so expect a flurry in the weeks ahead!

Our first KITCHEN GARDENING DAY, FRIDAY 24 FEBRUARY with LINDA ROSS, is when we take a good look at end of summer veg and plan for the season ahead.  An ‘Introduction to Kitchen Gardening Autumn/Winter’ is always an exciting day to attend.

Next is our WEAVING WORKSHOP with HARRIETT GOODALL on FRIDAY 2 MARCH.  I so admire Harriett’s wonderful creations and am very excited to hold one of her workshops here at Glenmore.

My first SEASONAL COOKING DAY of the year, will be held on FRIDAY 16 MARCH, with recipes dependant upon just what grows well in the garden between now & then!

The MARCH KITCHEN GARDENING DAY will be run on SATURDAY 24, with STEVE BATLEY of Sydney Organic Gardens.  Those of you who have been here regularly have heard me talk about Steve and his background in permaculture, so this Kitchen Gardening Day will be slightly different to our usual days (while Linda takes a brief month off!).

And I am delighted to introduce a much anticipated event with renowned Sydney jeweller ROBB GARDENER, about the ‘WINDSOR JEWELS’  on WEDNESDAY 28 MARCH.  This will be a real treat for anyone interested in a day that will encompass history, intrigue and mid C20th jewellery – a bit of fun just before Easter.

I hope at least one of these events looks enticing enough to encourage you to visit us soon.  In the meantime, have a peek at my blog, which is finally up & running – do subscribe or leave a comment if you have a moment to spare – I’m trying to keep them short, but each one DOES have a photo!

I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you here very soon.

Best wishes as always,