You know who…!

Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for the interest you expressed when I first mooted this online CONVERSATIONAL PRESENTATION SERIES earlier this year and also for your patience. I know I said I’d aim to run this series through autumn / winter but even with the enforced lockdown, days still disappear in a whirl of activity. I recall saying in one newsletter last year that I seem to  ‘multi-task my days away’ andso it is! There are never enough hours and somehow the shenanigans at Glenmore (whether in the garden, the kitchen or at my desk) fill the days to such an extent that lockdown or no…going out has always been a challenge!

Although I may need to string the series out over a period of time  (placing images in order to present a cohesive story from which you might benefit is a time-consuming task) I am going to make a start, with the first week of spring: 




with 3. The Kitchen Garden an Introduction  4. The Kitchen Garden through the Seasons and 5. Seasons, Food, Flowers & Life at Glenmore House to follow.

My intention is for these presentations to expand and elaborate upon the book and also the talks I’ve given over the years ‘on the road’, both of which unsurprisingly have had limitations on space…or time. 

Prompted greatly by messages from peeps embarking on their own garden journey (with or without historic buildings attached) along with those who remind me regularly how much they enjoy and return to the book and ask if I can please do something else…my thinking is that expanding in conversation, accompanied by a multitude of images might just hit the mark! (Please note these are not lectures…but will be in conversational style, with me).

The first two presentations will largely be devoid of the Kitchen Garden (except in the laying out of its early bones). Both it and the food it yields for the table will come later in the programme (in those I intend to also expand upon the podcast).

The GARDEN JOURNEY although explained in the book, does truly come to life through accompanying imagery. But I’ll make no bones about it…this first presentation contains many pre-digital images, because the bones here were laid in a pre-digital age! While I can assure you you’ll be ‘spared the family photos’, the second presentation INSIDE / OUT probably contains more ‘pretty pictures’ (if you’re not so interested in how the spaces came about in the first place.).

That said, these first two presentations will be very much interlinked and while you can participate in them individually, I will be making reference between them, so for you to glean the most from them, I’d love to encourage you to attend both these first two, if you can.
I did ponder long upon the timing for the series and decided on Sunday mornings so that you can still have a lovely Sunday afternoon to yourself (and as the days are beginning to lengthen, you can enjoy that magical hour away from the screen).  

I will however record each presentation, so if for some reason the ‘live’ timing doesn’t work for you (or if you’re in a different time zone) registration will gain you access to the presentation for one week after delivery to view in your own time. I anticipate each presentation will last 2 hours, including Q&A (with a brief 5 minute break in the middle so we can all stretch our legs!). And of course, as always, you will be able to email me after with any further questions should we run out of time on the day.

The reason I’m not releasing all five presentations in the series at once is twofold: I need more time to put them together AND thanks to the lockdown, scheduled events have had to be postponed and I’m terrified they’re all going to stack up on each other with proposed new dates (should we be given some freedom to move!). As we know more, I’ll schedule the remaining presentations as soon as possible. (Also, the second batch of roses arrived, so I’ve spent days digging holes in the field and the first batch of botanical water is ready to release….watch this space!).

The  link to the booking form  is HERE Upon registering you will receive a link to attend the Zoom Session on the day. Be sure  to ‘register’ when you receive that link, and then please keep it safe. It’s easy to use Zoom if you haven’t done so before. Even I’ve managed to use it, which is saying something! I will SO look forward to seeing you pop up on my screen (especially as I’ve little chance of seeing you any other way at the moment!).

So…if you really are interested in the development of a very personal garden over thirty plus years, with a historic aspect, connection to landscape, between vernacular buildings and from inside to out…I think you’ll find something valuable to take away from participating.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the lovely and lively expressions of interest you continue to show in the goings-on here. The very fact you’re receiving and reading this makes you a much treasured ‘friend of Glenmore House’.

How I hope you will JOIN ME for these first presentations in the series. I’ll be ready and waiting to share the Glenmore House story with you, in all its raw journey.

Of course, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Very best wishes


ps if you did register your interest for the presentations earlier in the year, you may receive this newsletter twice – I wasn’t quite sure how this would pan out but don’t worry…it won’t happen again!
pps my web platform is coming to an end…(a most irritating tale I’ll spare you). Consequently, the Glenmore House website is currently being rebuilt so that I don’t lose all the information I’ve shared here these past years – including the podcast notes which are almost a book in themselves. I’m telling you because, while hopefully the transfer between platforms will be seamless to you…there are new features to integrate, like a new payment system for bookings, and this Presentation Series will be the first handled this way. I’m hoping there won’t be too many teething issues…!