7 May 2012 – May Kitchen Gardening Newsletter

Salad days are here again….

Hello everyone,

Our MAY KITCHEN GARDENING DAY on FRIDAY 18th will be our last Kitchen Gardening Day before winter.

Funnily enough, it’s at this time of year that the Kitchen Garden really does gets a kick along.  Winter (well, spring harvest) crops are in the ground, and they are revelling in this divine autumn weather.  Those of you who have joined us during the last month of events have enjoyed some of the best lettuces the season has to offer.  I always look forward to autumn, when hearting lettuce and lovely leaves of all description are back on our plates.

Leaves aside, there is much to discuss – from perennial veg (globe & Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus & rhubarb), to berries, onions, organic feeding for winter crops and choosing potato varieties.  All in all, this will be a day of inspiration and planning – to spur you on, just as late autumn/winter should be.

For more information and to book a place, please click here.  Perhaps you might like to take a leaf out of one of our participants’ book, and spoil your Mum with the promise of a day out following this weekend’s  Mother’s Day (a scrumptious lunch is in the offing….).  If you get in quick, I should be able to pop something in the post for you to give her on Sunday! 

Linda and I will very much look forward to seeing you on the day.

Best wishes as always